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Beginner’s Guide to Makeup

We all remember the first time we picked up our mothers lipstick and played dress up. Since then, makeup has dramatically revolutionized into products that simply confuse us! There are tons of products out there, so trying to find the perfect lipstick or eyeliner can be a tedious task in finding what works for us. There are plenty of different formulas, shades, finishes and textures that the majority of will not suit us. Starting out with makeup, what comes to mind first is what is worth splurging on and what items we can skip. We all know what we love using more often, therefore we can avoid spending too much money on products that you will only wear once. Although personal preference comes to mind, key elements should be in your makeup kit.

There are a few important products that should be in your makeup kit such as a jet black eyeliner, a nude-rosy lipstick and a natural blush shade. These items can be paired with any makeup to create a flawless look. You don’t need to purchase tons of lipsticks, eye shadows or eyeliners to be creative with your makeup.


Using only foundation on your skin can make your face look dull and one dimensional. Wearing a blush can add a nice glow to your cheeks, giving the appearance of a radiant look. There are plenty of shades to choose from such as peach, pink or mauves. Although pinks and mauve work great for a night time look, using a natural tone blush can instantly enhance your look. To find the shade that suits your skin tone choose a shade that brings a glow to your cheeks. Those with tanned skin opt for a dusty rose shade that bring color to your cheeks. Use a blush with shimmer so you can skip out on a highlight.

The best blush application is by using a fluffy brush and lightly dust the powder just below your cheekbones and blending it out into your jaw line.

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Eyeliners come in all different formulas such as pencil, liquid, cake or gel. Finding what type of eyeliner works for you is simple. For an easy, fool-proof way to apply eyeliner is by using a soft kohl kajal eyeliner. A creamy eyeliner can easily be used to apply eyeliner on the top and lower lash line, making a thick or thin line to suit the look that you are going for. A thick line of a jet black eyeliner can bring drama to your eyes. Going for definition? Smudge the eyeliner close into the lashes, this will create the look of voluminous lashes.

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Finding a lipstick that flatters your skin tone begins by choosing which finish suits you. Lipsticks come in a variety of finishes from matte, sheer, glossy or satin. Matte or semi-matte finish lipsticks are the longest wearing, applying it on top of a lip liner will keep your lipstick on for hours. Creamy or glossy finish lipsticks tend to only wear about 2 hours because of the texture.

Let’s not forget to tie in the endless amount of shades out there! Finding the perfect shade of lipstick can be amped up with a different color lip liner or gloss. Chose a lipstick shade that is 2 shades darker than your natural lip color will suit any look. To define your lips, apply a dark lip liner will bring a more dramatic touch to your look. Wearing the lipstick as a stain on your lips is perfect for daytime.

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Eye shadow:

Neutral shades of eye shadows can be used for any look day or night. Keeping a few practical shades in your collection can be used in a variety of ways. You only need two shades to create multiple looks. Pick a light eye shadow that can be used as a soft wash of color but can also be packed on for intense color pay off. The light shade can range from gold to light brown, these can be used in the inner corners of your eyes or all over the lid. For the darkest color, chose a dark earthy brown that can accentuate your eye shape giving more definition. The dark color can be used on the outer corner or your eyes for a smoky look, or all over the lid for an intense look.

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