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Interested in Franchising one of the fastest growing Beauty brands in
the world. Color Studio Professional Make Up has a highly profitable
mid level investment franchising solution that works for people who
want to enter the lucrative franchising business by establishing
Kiosks and running them in their countries as Master Franchise Country
operators or for city / mall specific kiosk programs.

Currently we have opportunities in markets such as Brazil, Mexico,
Europe, Asia for our Franchising program and typically a franchise
operator would need to invest minimum of GBP 25,000 per kiosk which
includes the cost of Kiosk + Stock not including rentals to be paid
to the mall and staff to run the kiosk. We strongly urge each
applicant to study their market and understand their markets
regulations for cosmetics imports, rental costs in malls and to
understand the full costs of running kiosks in their respective

To contact a Franchising specialist please email us at