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How to Create a Purple Smoky Eye Look

We all know how to create a rich black smoky eye. A smoky eye is an easy and simple look that doesn’t need precision. Since shades of silver, earth brown and carbon black is most commonly used to define and contour our eye makeup, we can add a richer shade to enhance our eye color. Adding a rich purple to a smoky eye look can be a great alternative to adding some color while keeping the rest of our makeup neutral.

There isn’t a set amount of products that need to be used to create the perfect smoky eye. You can easily create a rich smoky eye with just a few items in hand such as purple eye shadow, kohl pencil, and a highlight shade. You can choose a vibrant touch or simply follow a trend and choose the best shade for the season.

What’s great about a rich plum shade is that it works with any eye color while highlighting the shape of the eye. Your eye shape is extremely important when choosing what shades to use for your look. For small and deep set eyes, the smoky eye can be too drastic and give the appearance of extremely small eyes. Opt for brighter shades on the lower lash line such as a shimmery white for a widen eye effect.

Using peach shades for the cheeks and lips will give the appearance of a neutral look while having some color to the rest of your face. Try not to look overdone and bring the focus on your eye makeup. When paired with the perfect cheeks and lips, a smoky eye look can be sophisticated yet chic.

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