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Jazz up your Lash Line

*Published in DailyTimes, April 18, 2012

Amp up any simple eye makeup with a bright lining using a colored eyeliner on the lower lash line. Any makeup fanatic can be seen wearing a jet black eyeliner smudged all over the upper and lower lash line. Using a black soft kohl kajal eyeliner is a classic choice for all women and can never be replaced. Consider using a bright eyeliner to give your eyes a bit of sparkle and pop. With a colored eyeliner inside your lash line will bring a vibrant touch to an otherwise dreary mundane look.

The effect of rimming your lower lash line can emphasize the shape and color of your eyes. For some, applying eyeliner in a delicate area can irritate the eyes causing them to water. Be gentle by using a soft kohl kajal that can be easily applied to the inner rim. Kohl eye pencils are the perfect product to wear in the inner lash line because they are more natural to use and less messy while being the longest wearing on the waterline.

The simplest way to apply eyeliner to the inner rim is by gently placing your ring finger under the lower lash line, lightly push down and begin applying your eyeliner of choice. Using your ring finger will give the least amount of pressure. Also, use a freshly sharpened pencil to make a precise application.

Picking out which color works for what effect can be tricky. With so many colors to choose from, every color can bring a different look to your eyes. Lining the lower lash line with a white or nude soft kohl kajal eye liner will brighten up your eyes by giving the appearance of brighter whites and a wide eyed effect. If you want a smoky look, apply a black eye shadow under the white eyeliner to enhance and define your eye shape. Applying only a jet black eye liner will give the appearance of smaller yet intense eyes. Keeping a look natural yet defining your eyes use a coco brown soft kohl kajal eye liner.

For brown eyed girls, using a pop of color to the lower lash line will brighten up your eye color. Opt for a deeper blue shade to contrast the whites in your eyes. To enhance your eye color, purple can bring a vibrant yet chic look.

Finish off any eye makeup look with a few coats of a volumizing mascara for fuller lashes.

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