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Makeup look for Glasses

*Published in Style In Step

It can be trivial to figure out how to wear makeup with eyeglasses and have it compliment your face structure. Some individuals might not even bother wearing any eye makeup because of eyeglasses, but surely there are many ways to bring out your eyes from underneath your frames and highlight the rest of your face. If practiced right, your makeup can bring a fresh take on your overall look. You can hide behind your spectacles but there are limitless ways to be creative with your makeup!

Start off by mapping your face and your eyeglasses. Wider frames can be a major advantage to wearing eye makeup. Smaller frames usually hide the eye crease which can restrict the amount of makeup that shows up. Your frames should complement your eye shape as well as your face structure.

Now let’s get to the makeup! The best area that you can play with your eye makeup is your lower lash line. Focus on using bright and shimmery soft kohl kajal eye pencil to bring out your natural eye color such as purples and greens. This will instantly add a new dimension to your eyes. If you love wearing black on your lower lash line, then opt for using a carbon black eye shadow on the outer crease to deepen your eyes and create definition. To make your eyes look more open, apply a white soft kohl kajal eye pencil in the inner corner of your eyes for a brighter look.

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On the lids, use a silver shimmery shade to highlight the middle of your lid to make your eyes stand out more from your eyeglasses. Use a rich brown shade on the outer crease of your eyes to get a more defined look, this will shape your natural crease to make it appear more lifted.

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Finish off your eye makeup with a pen eyeliner, this will give you more control over your eyeliner. Begin with a thin line on the inner corner of your upper lash line and gradually make the line thicker. Make sure the line starts to get thicker directly above your pupil and ends past the end of your eye to create an elongated eye look.

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For the rest of the face, start off with a quick fix to any imperfections on your skin. A liquid foundation can moisturize your skin while giving a flawless coverage. Using a foundation with a smooth and silky texture will apply evenly giving you a natural looking coverage. Using a luminous foundation will add the benefit of a built-in moisturizer making the skin appear even-toned. Simply take a tiny amount of product dab it on any blemishes and blend it out. Make sure to apply foundation under your eyes and around the nose, these areas tend to get more sun exposure. It is highly important to use a matte pressed powder on your t-zone to reduce any shine. This can also help to keep your glasses from slipping off your nose if you used foundation.

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Don’t forget your cheeks! Apply a soft pink blush right on your cheekbones. You can make your face look shorter or longer, rounder or more delicate using the right method of contouring and highlighting. You can contour your face right on the hollows of your cheeks. For a highlight, use a natural glow shade slightly above your cheekbones for a more lifted look on your cheekbones.

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Glasses can carry a trendy look with any eye makeup if done right! Practicing and testing out different ways to enhance your eyes can bring an endless amount of creativity.