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Master the Cat Eyeliner!

*Published in Daily Times, Infotainment, April 10,2012

The cat eyeliner look is a clean and edgy trend that works perfectly with a bold lip. Keeping the eyes simple and clean can enhance your eye shape. Seen on many celebrities such as Angeline Jolie, Adele and Jennifer Hudson this trend can be created for a sophisticated look. Creating the perfect wing can be tricky but not impossible if practiced frequently along with a few tips! Using the right type of eyeliner will make the biggest difference in creating a crisp edge for the wing. Don’t have a steady hand? Then try using a liquid liner. Using a felt-tip liquid liner is the easiest way to create precise eyeliner. A firm pen-style applicator will make a big difference to create a superfine edge. However, using a pencil eyeliner will not be able to create a sharp edge needed for the wing, it will smudge and crease throughout the day.

How to:

The first step is to line your lash line, apply a thin line close to your upper lashes making sure to stop right before the outer corner of your eyes. Leave the line thin since we will gradually be making it thicker with the outer wing. If your eyes are hooded or small, then keeping a thin line will suit your eye shape since a thicker line will appear too heavy.

The next step is creating the flick. Making sure both eyes are even can be a challenge so take your time to create the outer flick. Using a magnifying mirror, look straight ahead keeping your eyes open naturally will accurately make both eyes similar. Place the liner on the outer corner of your eye and sketch a thin line diagonally creating thin flicks then connecting them to create a dramatic line. Make sure to fill in any gaps by going over the liner a few times. The length of the liner depends on your eye shape. A shorter outer flick would be appropriate for a daytime look which a longer flick will suit large eyes.

To clean off any mistakes take a cotton bud and smooth out the outer edges. Adding a jet black soft kohl eyeliner to the waterline will finish off the look. If you want to keep the look more daytime appropriate then try a brown color eyeliner.

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