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My Fair Lady


Step One: Start off by applying Pro Luminous Foundation with SPF on your face and neck for an evened out skin tone.
Step Two: Sketch along the upper socket line with Electric Blue Soft Kohl Kajal pencil, buff to create a soft oft diffused line.
Step Three: Apply Purple Dust Eye Ink to the upper lid from inner corner to the end of the eye, used a blending brush to blend the colors at the crease.
Step Four: Add a touch of Gold Dust Eye Ink below the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye for that glamour feel.
Step Five: With the same Electric Blue Soft Kohl Eye Pencil trace along the lower lash line and buff.
Step Six: Using the Knockout Marker draw a thin line along the upper lash line as an eyeliner.
Step Seven: Apply Pro Blush Pinkify to the apple of your cheeks moving in the direction of your temples.
Step Eight: Finish this look with Pro Nail Color Alexandria.
Products Used
  1. Pro Luminous Foundation
  2. Electric Blue Soft Kohl Kajal pencil
  3. Purple Dust Eye Ink
  4. Gold Dust Eye Ink
  5. Electric Blue Soft Kohl Eye
  6. Knockout Marker
  7. Pro Blush Pinkify
  8. Pro Nail Color Alexandria.