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Step One: Apply Pro Luminous foundation on your face.
Step Two: Sketch along the upper socket line with Eye Ink in Carbon Black. Buff with a brush to create a soft diffused line.
Step Three: Apply Moon Dust Eye Ink onto the center of the eyelid.
Step Four: With Cosmic Dust Eye Ink build over the previous black line working outwards and upwards. Use a blending brush and blend both colors together ensuring there are no sharp lines. Highlight the eyebrow with Color Studio Pro Eye Ink Moon Dust.
Step Five: Using the Knockout Marker draw a thick line along the upper lash line as an eyeliner.
Step Six: Add Jet black Soft Kohl Kajal along the lower lash line to complete the eyes.
Step Seven: Apply Pro Blush Havana on cheeks to make your face glow.
Step Eight: Use Color Rush Lipstick in Acapulco on your lips for a moisturizing look.
Step Nine: Lastly use Pro Nail Color Rockstar to finish this look.
Products Used
  1. Pro Luminous foundation
  2. Eye Ink Carbon Black
  3. Moon Dust Eye Ink
  4. Cosmic Dust Eye Ink
  5. Knockout Marker
  6. Jet black Soft Kohl Kajal
  7. Pro Blush Havana
  8. Color Rush Lipstick in Acapulco
  9. Pro Nail Color Rockstar